Benefits of Inverter AC

  • Maintains Steady Temperature : Conventional AC operates in cycles; cooling the temperature to the thermostat level, switching off, and then restarting when the temperature level rises. The ambient room temperature is, therefore, subject to variations. Inverter AC operate through a variable speed drive that controls the supply of power to the compressor to maintain the room temperature at the pre-set comfort level thus avoiding temperature variations;
  • Less Stress on Compressor Motor : Each time the compressor commences its operating cycle there is considerable stress on its motor to go from a state of inertia to full speed. This adversely affects the life-span of the motor. Inverter AC compressor starts only once and, thereafter, operates continuously, albeit at reduced speed;
  • Low Power Consumption : Conventional AC consume considerable power because of the high torque at the commencement of each cycle and also because, when in operation, the compressor always operates at 100% speed. In inverter AC, the speed of the compressor is controlled by the variable speed drive thereby consuming reduced power;
  • Low Noise : Conventional AC are comparatively noisy owing to the frequent start up of the compressor. Inverter SC operate relatively quietly once the desired room temperature has been achieved;
  • Can be Solar Powered : Solar technology is gradually but inexorably gaining ground as the world moves towards renewable energy sources. Inverter AC are definitely a better option for operation on solar energy because of the lower power consumption which translates to smaller solar panels to be installed. Further, the inverters to be connected to the solar panels would also be of lower capacity because of the lower demand for power;
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