Can I change the server in Free Fire?

Probably it is one of the most asked questions about Free Fire. Although Garena Free Fire doesn’t have any feature to change servers, but anyone can change their servers with a small trick. You will need the help of a VPN to do this. Download any VPN of your choice and connect to your desired country. Then, open the game and sign up using a Gmail, Facebook, or a VK account.  After successful signup, you will automatically be logged in with your favourite server. 

Free Fire Best Server in the World

If you are familiar with Free Fire servers, you will found that different servers arrange different events. Also, almost every server is separated from others. Some have cheap diamond prices, some have low bundle prices, and some may have given more free items. All of them are best in different respective. You can check out the below list and try the server which suits your choice.

  • For the best value for the price and events, the India server is the best.
  • Free Fire Brazil server is best for early updates.
  • Indonesia server is the best for bundles and offers.
  • Thailand and Vietnam server is best for getting free Diamonds
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