What do you think we should be doing to survive the economic downturn?

Unless you are applying for a job with some kind of responsibility for strategic planning in an organisation, it is unlikely that you will be asked a question like this. However, the interviewer may want to see how you would approach answering a question about the economy or current affairs… Continue reading

You will have some difficult characters in your new team. How will you handle them?

We cannot choose the people we work with so we have to find ways to get along with them. Team work is vital in any job and a good team player will always be attractive to employers. You need to draw on your past experiences whether from the work environment… Continue reading

This job needs to be filled by a motivator – tell us how you would do that.

Getting people to do what you want can be difficult. You may be being asked this question as a result of current economic difficulties. If it is a sales-based job, how will you inspire your team to work harder and better? Have you had experience before of motivating people successfully?… Continue reading

Which areas of the job description are you weakest at and how would you compensate for this?

The employer does not want to hear that you fall short of the requirements in many respects so evaluate which of the areas asked for is your weakest. You need to show what you have done already about boosting your skills and experience in this area and what else you… Continue reading