What is dynamic descriptive programming?

The second way to write descriptive programming is by using the Description object. This way is also known as Programmatic Description. Description Object also do the same thing as static way do but there are some differences. Description Object stores the properties and values of a particular object in an instance of that… Continue reading

Differences between Delegates and Interfaces

Delegate Interface We can define multiple methods by using delegate. Interface defines only a single method. No need to implement multiple times. Need to implement the interface multiple times. Fastest to call at runtime when we know all the parameter types. Well designed interfaces are allowed for generic uses which… Continue reading

Difference between an abstract class and an interface?

An Abstract class is a class with some common/certain implementations and defines abstraction for other services which are implemented in its concrete sub classes, whereas interface only have method declaration with zero implementations. The difference between Abstract class and An Interface is that if u call Abstract class then u… Continue reading

What are access modifiers?

Modifier Used with Description public Outer classes, interfaces, constructors, Inner classes, methods and field variables A class or interface may be accessed from outside the package. Constructors, inner classes, methods and field variables may be accessed wherever their class is accessed. protected Constructors, inner classes, methods, and field variables. Accessed… Continue reading

What is the difference between a stack and a queue?

Queue Stack First item to be inserted is the first one to be removed. Allows access to only last item inserted. This mechanism is called First In First Out (FIFO). An item is inserted or removed from one end called the “top” of the stack. This is called Last In… Continue reading