Types Of Common Software Development Methodologies

Developers are spoilt for choices from the various software development methodologies available. Most of the methodologies fall can be categorized as either a waterfall, iterative or continuous model. A waterfall methodology follows a fixed sequence in implementation. Stages of development are defined in a rigid, sequential manner. This model was… Continue reading

What is customer feedback?

Put simply, customer feedback is any piece of information that customers give to a business about their experience with a product or service.  Primarily, the feedback indicates how well the product or service solves the customer’s problem. This helps you to identify the areas where you still fall short and… Continue reading

Why Adhere To Software Development Methodology?

It needs to be stressed that it’s crucial to choose a software development methodology and apply it with discipline throughout the project. There are numerous risks when you’re taking software development methodology for granted.  Without structured guidance, developers can suffer from customers’ ever-changing requests, and even more so when there… Continue reading

What Is Software Development Methodology?

Software development methodology refers to structured processes involved when working on a project. It is a blend of design philosophies and pragmatic realism that stretches back to the early days of computing. The goal is to provide a systematic approach to software development.  Throughout the years, various software development methodologies… Continue reading

Differences between Agile and traditional SDLC

The figure “Agile and traditional SDLC” points out some of the main differences. If you have worked on both these, you can point out more differences. Lengthy requirement documents are now simple and short user stories. Estimation unit man days and man hours are now ideal days and ideal hours,… Continue reading

Explain the XP(Extreme Programming) development life cycle

The XP development cycle consists of two phases: ‘Release Planning’ and ‘Iteration Planning’. In release planning, we decide what should be delivered and in what priority. In iteration planning, we break the requirements into tasks and plan how to deliver those activities decided in release planning. The below figure ‘Actual… Continue reading

What is XP(Extreme Programming) in Agile methodologies?

Extreme Programming (also termed as XP) is an agile software development methodology. XP focuses on coding of software. XP has four core values and fourteen principles. XP has these four core values: Communication: The team should communicate on a regular basis, share information, discuss solutions, and so on. Teams that… Continue reading

Main principle behind Agile documentation

The main deliverable in Agile is a working software and not documentation. Documentation is a support to get the working software. In traditional delivery cycle, a lot of documentation is generated in the design and requirement phases. But we are sure most of the documentation were created just for the… Continue reading

Core and Supplementary principles in Agile modeling

Agile modeling defines a set of practices which can show us the way towards becoming successful Agile modelers. These practices are divided into two sections: “Core Principles” and “Supplementary Principles”. The figure below shows this in a pictorial format: Figure: Agile model principles Let’s understand one by one what these… Continue reading