Financial Assistance for CA students by ICAI

The Board of Trustees has decided to provide financial assistance of Rs. 1,500/- p.m, for articled assistants who are registered for Intermediate (IPC)/IPCC course and Rs. 2,000/- p.m. for those students registered for final course and are currently undergoing articled/industrial training in accordance with The Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 and… Continue reading

Income Tax on share trading

Income tax on share trading  depends on whether you are showing it as “Capital gain” or “Business Income”. Capital gain: If  you are trading in stock market as an  investor (mostly involved in delivery based trading), the gains from trading can be classified as: Long term capital gain: – If  equity… Continue reading

How to evaluate the management – The easiest and convenient way

Management analysis is the utmost important factor before investing in stocks because a great management can turn around a poor business and poor management can ruin good business. Now the big question comes, “How to evaluate the management ?” Many analysts will coin the idea of management visit, discussion with founders,… Continue reading

How to Manage our Underfunded Goals

Mathematical accuracy and performance in real time are different ballgames altogether. The maths and the returns might look perfect on paper but the discrepancies soon show as some investment performances fail to meet your expectations. Hence, the corpus created is inadequate for the fulfilment of the goal. Saving and investing… Continue reading