Working of Conventional AC

Conventional AC have compressors that work at a fixed speed or not at all. The compressor will work at its maximum output – 100% of its capacity whenever it is on, or it will remain idle. The compressor is either on or off. The speed of these compressor cannot be regulated. When the room temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and the thermostat has been set at 25 degrees Celsius, the compressor will keep working to cool down the room, until the temperature in the room reaches the level set on the thermostat. At that point, it will switch off. When the temperature in the room rises again, the compressor will switch on again. Every time that the compressor switches on it draws substantial current because of the tremendous torque that it is required to take the motor from idle to maximum capacity. The sound of the compressor rises every time that it starts running, before settling down to a steady hum.

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